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Art in the High Desert 2024 will take place August 23-25, 2024. This is a show produced by artists for artists and art patrons.

Art in the High Desert is not your average art show. We have designed the show to be easy, fun, and profitable for you to be here.

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Art in the High Desert is located in Bend, Oregon, by the Deschutes River in the Riverbend Park, across from the Old Mill District. Bend sits just east of Oregon’s Cascade Mountains and is a neighbor to the Deschutes, Metolius, and Crooked Rivers. There are many destination resorts in Central Oregon that attract visitors all summer long. In addition there are summer concerts on the weekends that bring inconcert goers from out of town. Numerous lakes, streams, mountains, and golf courses provide an outdoor recreation haven for visitors and residents alike. It is an area of natural beauty, boundless recreational opportunities, cultural events and urban amenities. Go to Visit for more information. To View The New Site Booth Layouts Click Here.

Jury Process
The Art in the High Desert jury process asks that jurors look for applications exhibiting original thought and intent, going beyond the expected and the usual with strong overall concept and excellence in craftsmanship and consistency of style and presentation. Production work and buy/sell is prohibited. See Prospectus on ZAPP for more information.

Helpful Application Information ———————————————
Our past Show Director and current Board member, Carla M. Fox is a jewelry artist and exhibits in juried shows in addition to being the show director of Art in the High Desert. She sees the world of art shows from booth sides of the booth and has put together a series of application hints/thoughts from her perspective as an artist and a show director. We hope this information is helpful to you apply to Art in the High Desert and shows wherever you wish to travel.

Click for the pdfs of these articles and important links:

    1. ZAPPs Backside
    2. Professional Photography
    3. Importance of Good Booth Images
    4. For our Propsectus, to Register for FREE go to: ZAPPLICATION
    5. Changing your Application after its submitted

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