What AHD Patrons are saying

"We've attended many art fairs across the country over the years, and Art in the High Desert is quite simply the best of all! The work is of such high quality and so different from what we are used to seeing."
JM — Phoenix, Arizona

“I’ve never seen so much great art in one show. Usually there are one or two booths I want to purchase art from. Here, at Art in the High Desert, it’s EVERY booth. Plus the artists themselves are so much fun to talk with about their art. We now have friends visiting from back East each year during this week, so they can come to the show.
SC — Bend, Oregon

City Leaders

“Art in the High Desert has quickly evolved into one of Bend’s flagship cultural events. The event attracts some of the finest artists from across the United States and Canada, and hundreds of cultural tourists and art buyers. From a tourism perspective, Art in the High Desert has introduced Bend to new visitors who are strengthening Bend’s tourism economy.”
Doug La Placa, President/CEO, Visit Bend.com

“Art in the High Desert is a marvelous addition to the events in the Old Mill District and the quality of artists and show attendees is exceptional. The event is expertly planned and executed and has already become a signature event in Bend’s thriving arts scene. Expertly executed, Art in the High desert is one of the Old Mill District’s most prized events. The quality of the art and the appreciation of the guests is an asset to the region and puts Bend on the map for serious artists and art aficionado’s alike.”
Noelle Fredland, Marketing Director Old Mill District


“Art in the High Desert is on the top of our list of favorite shows to do. We are still getting orders in January from people who saw us at the show in August. The show was fun to do, well-organized, and there is a very appreciative clientele who come. On top of this, our sales were great!”

JH & MB-ceramics

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